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Thank you for visiting us! We specialize in house calls for homes or small businesses in the metro-east area. We also repair laptops -- nearly any model, any problem.

What sets us apart from other services is three-fold. One, we are a family business who is intent on making our clients happy they chose us. Secondly, it helps that we have competitive rates (just compare us to Best Buy's Geek Squad or other services in the area). Thirdly, and most importantly, we believe we do excellent work.

If you are having a computer problem (from simple to advanced), need to set up a new computer, would like to make sure your network is secure, or if your laptop needs fixing, we hope you'll give us the opportunity to assist you! And thanks to the wonders of today's technology, we are now able to provide those services locally (that is, in person) or remotely (that is, in any location of the world in which the Internet exists!)

Not only is remote support extremely convenient, it's also inexpensive! For only $60 an hour, we can troubleshoot and fix your computer -- no matter where you live!

Why Us?

Simply put, we have the unique ability to blend state-of-the-art knowledge and sharp service with the warmth and intimacy of a family business. When you call, you'll talk to us; when you e-mail, you'll be in contact with us. We will be the ones who show up at your door, and we will be the ones who fix your computer.

Since we aren't (and have no intention of becoming) a big box store, we are able to know each of our clients by name, and actually be familiar with his or her computer, configuration, and history. This type of personalized service is rare to find these days!

Also, because we care about the "Arndt" name, we will work very hard to keep our good reputation in the community (and beyond). We realize that a happy client means potential for more business, so we want to make you very happy that you found us.

Finally, our rates are very competitive, yet it's not at the expense of quality or service. In many cases, you'll actually be paying us half or one-third of what you would pay a complete stranger to work on your computer.

Our Goal

Not everybody is tech-savvy, and that's OK! We thrive in helping people get the most out of their computers. If your computer experience is a hassle, you may want to get in touch with us! If they're working right (and that can be a big "if" sometimes!), computers can really assist you. If they're giving you problems, they can be a big headache!

Our mission is pretty simple -- to help you be able to use your computer more easily and more efficiently. Whether that means upgrading, in-house training, security, or troubleshooting, we are happy to help you!

Finally, we want you to be happy that you met us. We thrive on referrals, and we know that the way to keep referrals coming is to keep the clients happy, and the way to keep the clients happy is to do a good job.

We want you to be confident in us -- not only that we have excellent prices and that we do very good work, but, most importantly, that you can trust us. We understand that it's up to us to deserve that trust, and we intend to do all we can to keep it and, in turn, to keep customers happy!

Thanks for giving us a chance!